Considerations for Postgraduate Study Abroad

Choosing to undertake postgraduate study overseas, in a country with different academic traditions and styles, can be stimulating and allow you to gain understanding, experience and knowledge not available in the UK. You can also gain as a person, becoming more independent, developing cultural awareness and maybe learning a language. But there are many things… [Continue Reading]

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The Importance of Having an EU Driving Licence

When you decide to work abroad, you will quickly realise the papers, gadgets and phases that help you get by when you’re away from home. So while a universal solar charger and ‘une baguette, sil vous plait’ may help in some circumstances, they’re not going to help you get the local police off your back,… [Continue Reading]

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The Basics of International Banking

Offshore banking is considered a dirty term by many in the UK, often associated with shady millionaires, caribbean islands and tax evasion. But by its most basic definition, it just means using a bank in a country other than your own. For anyone planning to leave the UK to work abroad, understanding the basics of… [Continue Reading]

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